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We developed a platform to allow quick and easy creation of contextual chatbots without writing any code. Alternatively, we can also build customised chatbots that tailors to your needs.

Artificial Intelligence

We are experts in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. We can undertake Data Science and Data Analytic work that will help you find insights, prediction and recommendation to gain competitive advantages.

Social Listening

We have a social listening tool, which is supported by self-developed language library, that listens to the public and detect current trends on various products, and thus alerts you of potential PR crisis. It allows you to stay competitive by monitoring your competitor’s activities and pricing.

Image Processing

We have image processing capabilities that can process various media types such as images, and documents. Thus allowing you to perform tasks such as facial recognition, people counting that can help provide you with insight that is helpful for making better decision and recommendation.
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