Artificial Intelligence magnify your business potential

To explore your blue ocean, you need artificial intelligence.

DataTech develops tailor-made AI products and provides clients with one-stop solution to integrate AI technology into marketing and customer services strategy, and eventually boost your revenue. ‘D’ is our code.

Our Product

We create products that drive your customer engagement


D-Talk, a Hong Kong-born bilingual chatbot capable with multiple social platforms, equips with the latest knowledge by learning from your team. It provides the best advice for your customers’ inquiries in 24x7.

AI Engine

The Al Engine supports different kinds of data sources from emails to internal reports. It uses natural language to continuously sense the information related to your business.


D-Ear, a social listening tool supported by self-developed language library, listens to the public and detect current trends on various products and trends, and thus alerts you for potential PR crisis. It will help your team manage your business.


D-Eye processes images and documents. The output is to provide you with insight that is helpful for making better decision and recommendation.

Our Services

We offer the following products and services that boost your revenue.

Customer Service

Is your team overloaded with customer inquiries? We provide managed customer support services for you to handle the tonnes of inquiries.


Do you know how your customers feel about your products or services? We offer customer sentiment analysis services which analytics reports will be generated for you.

Social Listening Report

D-Talk integrates most popular communication channels and summarizes your customers’ feeling and rating to produce social listening reports. Instead of jumping around different channels, your team can now focus on the quality of customer service and help you prepare for proactive public relations crisis management.

Marketing Intelligence Report

Are you finding it difficult to look for insight that can help promote your business? With our strong experience in business and intelligence analytics, our team will provide you with marketing intelligence reports and keep your business to be competitive.

About Us

We are now:

  • Bringing practical applications of artificial intelligence for commercial use, especially in financial business.
  • Conducting research & development in the field of artificial intelligence and deep learning in order to create practical applications for various types of businesses.
  • Leveraging your company’s data asset and combining it with artificial intelligence or machine learning to lower your operation and thus boost your revenue.

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