About Us

Under the PRIZM group there have always been a group of technology people who develops and supports the technical operations. However, there are a few of us who are more tech savvy that think we could do a lot more and focus on offering data, digital and AI technology solutions to our customers. As a result, DataTech Global is born as a new business unit under the PRIZM group. We specialise in utilizing data to create Artificial Intelligence augmented digital products and services. We offer our clients the one-stop solutions to leverage Data, Digital and AI technology into their business to magnify their potential.

Today we have two offices. One located in HK where we all started and another at the beautiful New Zealand down at the Southern Hemisphere.


William HUNG

Business Development Director

  • William Hung is responsible for creating new business opportunities and building client portfolios. He has over 15 years of experience in business development in multiple sectors, such as telecommunication, consumer goods and banking. Before joining DataTech, William was Business Development Manager at Teradata.


Director, NZ

  • Tony leads the team in New Zealand and is responsible for the research and development of our ideas and products. His passion is leveraging data and technology to create cool things that will add value to our lives. Before joining DataTech, Tony was Senior Consultant in the area of Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse with over a decade of experience across many sectors.

Victor CHOY

Chief Strategist

  • VC Choy has extensive working experience in multinational companies, with more than 15 years of senior executive positions in listed companies from North America, Europe and Asia. He has experience in Telecom, IT, E-commerce and Technology sectors focused on senior management, investment and M&A. Mr. Choy was raised in Hong Kong and received his bachelor degree, major in Actuarial Science, from University of Toronto.

Ian SO

Business and Data Analyst

  • Ian So is a project professional with 3 years experience in project management and product development. He is responsible for requirement gathering, business process analysis and data analysis. Before joining DataTech, Ian worked in an e-commerce solution company.

Adam LI

Data Scientist

  • Adam has over 6 years of working experience in data science. He focuses on possessing end-to-end big data knowledge from data architecture design and has hands-on experience in chatbot development and image classification. Before joining DataTech, Adam worked in the digital team of an international bank.

Jack YAU

Full Stack Developer

  • Jack YAU is an experienced programmer with comprehensive experience in web development, APIs development, and payment gateway integration. Jason also with strong BI and finance knowledge.


Data Scientist

  • Tommy is responsible for R&D in image processing and building machine learning application . He has experience with classification in mixed data by stacking model, providing a relatively easier way to make prediction to modern data.

Kyle AU

Data analyst

  • Kyle is responsible for performing data analysis. He has experience in creating CNN model for image recognition and LSTM model for trend prediction.


Data analyst

  • Leo is a recent graduate from OUHK major in Data Science. He is interested in handling the data and machine learning.


Full Stack Developer

  • King Shea has 4+ years of IT experience. He focuses on mobile application development and has hands-on experience in native (Android and iOS) and non-native (react-native) application development. Also, King also has hands-on experience in MongoDB, AWS, Java.

Xavier LAW

Mobile Application Developer

  • Xavier Law works as a mobile developer for 4+ years, he is experienced on projects and products involve mobile platforms. After joined DataTech, he is responsible for projects besides mobile applications, which helps him continue the path of becoming a full stack developer.

Jason LI

Analyst Programmer

  • Jason is an experienced programmer with comprehensive experience in web development, APIs development, and payment gateway integration. Jason also with strong cybersecurity knowledge. Before joining DataTech, Jason worked in payment solution company and government.

Steven YAU

Mobile Application Developer

  • Steven is a recent graduate from HKUST, major in Computer Science and minor in Big Data Technology. He is interested in the development of application and with knowledge of database.

Demi HU

UI / UX Designer

  • Demi has 6+ years of experience in UI / UX design. She has extensive experience and unique insights in this field, and is very confident that she can produce products that are user friendly and will help our clients gain a competitive edge.

Raymond SHAN


  • Raymond is an experienced developer. He aims to become a professional Solution Architecturer in the future and keens to join in various project. Currently, he is reponsible for the most of New Zealand projects.