Services and Capabilities

We take pride on what we do, and we want to help you achieve your goals. So if there is anything you think we can help, talk to us!

Core Capabilities

AI Implementation

We have expertise in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. We can implement these technologies to suit your needs, and help your business to create an edge and standout in today’s competitive market.

Data Science and Data Analytics

We have a team of professionals with extensive experience in conducting corporate data analytics. From the analysis, we will be able to provide more valuable recommendations and/or provide you with invaluable insights to your business that will help you make better decisions.

Image Recognition and Image Analytics

We have a proprietary engine that can perform image recognition and analysis tasks. With this capability, you will be able to perform tasks such as people counting, facial recognition, scene and object detection and recognition.

Social Listening

We have developed a tool to "listen" for specific topics in the public domain, to help detect and identify current trends in various subject area. This tool can help you identify product trends, monitor industry activities and market movements, price checking, and even help alert you of potential PR crisis.

Chatbot Development

We have a chatbot development platform with our own Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine that supports entity recognition, intent classification and sentiment analysis. Our chatbot development platform makes it easy for you to build powerful contextual chatbots without writing any code.

Web / Mobile application development

Our development team has substantial experience in web / mobile development that can help you create first-class web / mobile applications that suit your needs.

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

We can architect, design, implement, and support simple or sophisticated data warehouse systems. We can also help you select and implement the right BI tools for your organisation to maximise reporting efficiency.

Data Integration

With the amount of data coming from different places and variety of different formats nowadays, it is very difficult to analyse them efficiently and see the truth. We can help you integrate these data to provide a single source of truth, which is simple to analyse to provide you with valuable insight.