ClickABite, a powerful solution for Food and Beverage (F&B) reservation. It enables reservation/booking/event registration page in MINUTES with PAYMENT option. It enables restaurant pre-paid reservation, buffet booking, event registration, and ticketing as well as seasonal goodies promotion.

F&B Reservation


  • Pre-paid reservation/booking  
    • a secure booking function that clients no longer queuing for check-in and check-out purpose. Since the pre-paid functionality, it means that No More No Show.
  • Quick setup  
    • ClickABite allows F&B and Event owner to set up the reservation page in MINUTES with payment option, ticketing notification, and online promotion
  • E-Payment option  
    • ClickABite enables various forms of digital payment such as Visa, Mastercard AE, Alipay, and China Union Pay.


  • One-Click promotion  
    • ClickABite connects to around 7000 active F&B KOLs who are the potential partners and advertisers to promote the F&B services to your targeted customers and allows quick setup for Facebook marketing.
  • FaceBooking module  
    • ClickABite enables Facebook direct reservation and payment option through Messenger, it allows a new communication channel between merchant and clients.
  • Second Wave Marketing  
    • The merchant can set up a "Message on Redemption" in Facebook for ticket redemption purpose. When the clients reach your venue, it drives better conversion at the magical moment.

Stop driving traffic to third-party booking page and nurture your booking and promotion channel DIRECTLY with your client by using ClickABite!!!