DTalk, a Hong Kong-born bilingual chatbot capable with multiple social platforms like Facebook Messenger, Skype, WeChat and Web etc. It equips with the most up to date knowledge by learning from your team and users. It provides the advice for your customers’ inquiries in 24x7 without human getting involve.

Defines Chat Flow

  • Support both menu-based or free text-based chat
  • Dynamic chat flow design with AI training
  • Instantaneous and concise answers to a customer's inquiries
  • Automatic identification and redirection of chat to engage with Customer Service Officer directly
  • Sentiment analysis to help identify the most appropriate chat flow

Support online Customer Service backend

  • Route the ticket to right person
  • Escalation to correct party
  • Tag the message / enquiry type so you will understand the trend of question types being asked
  • Supports real time messaging with AI suggestions, you can conversate with the customer directly with the aid of NLP

System Integration Ready

  • Can serve the client using a single interface instead of moving around to customer record
  • Never miss a conversation from other channels
  • Save huge workload for recording those chat back into the CRM system